Tuesday, August 19

You Can't Harvest 3D Trees for Paper

These were made in Blender 2.46 using a Python script whose name I can't remember, but one that can be found through the Blender website if you search for "tree generator."
Anyway, the first one from the left looks like a Christmas tree or some evergreen sans the leaves, or pines. The next one is just a generic tree in the fall. The last one was the most complex because the bricks took a while to make convincing. I just made a stretched out cube red and duplicated it over and over to make a row, and then I duplicated the whole row up and up and up. Then I just made a white, textured plane for the mortar between the bricks and put it a little behind the brick face. The pot that holds the plant was simply a hundred-vertex circle that was extruded into the correct shape.
Excruciating technical details are the best.


Anonymous said...

i love that dead tree!!! teach me to make one!! =)

Tautologizer said...

@ anonymous:
Go to the Blender website at http://www.blender.org and download the correct build of Blender for your OS. Install it. Then get the Python Script Gen 3 from this website: http://www.geocities.com.nyud.net:8080/bgen3/
Copy it into the the Python Scripts directory of your Blender installation (C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts in Windows) and restart Blender. You can run it from the Scripts Window in the Blender GUI.
The tree's deadness was achieved by just omitting leaves. This also saves a lot of processing time.