Friday, August 28


Cracker Barrel has what's called a "Jump all but one game." The back of the wood block has scoring guidelines:

"Leave only one--you're genius.
Leave two and you're purty smart.
Leave three and you're just plain dumb.
Leave four or mor'n you're just plain "EG-NO-RA-MOOSE."

Since it's boring and closed-ended to just leave one, I wonder what the theoretical maximum number of pegs left could be. Twelve is the most that can be left on the board at once (lined around the edges; impossible to achieve by "jumping" pegs), but nine pegs can be left during gameplay (see illustration).

Technically speaking, the block is a three-vertex cylinder with capped ends, beveled edges, and boolean subtracted cylinders to accommodate the pegs. The wood material was created using procedural, mutually warping texture channels using a Voronoi noise basis and a simple sinusoidal pattern at the top of the texture stack. The pegs were modeled through patient mesh-extrusion. The plastic material incorporates Fresnel-based mirroring to achieve a realistic reflection effect.

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