Monday, August 31

Right-leaning chair

This capstone project concludes my implausible chair study. It's meant to be more realistic than the beaver-tail chair, so it's not only physically stable but also politically charged. You'll find that most people don't use both armrests at the same time and that their choice of left or right armrests is correlated with their political polarization. A person drawn toward right-wing politics will usually favor the right wing of an armchair, and vice-versa. This first installment of your very own micropolitical furniture arena, the right-leaning chair, is also the perfect gift for your favorite fascist. Left-leaning chairs are scheduled for late 2009 roll-out, so your socialist and commie buddies won't feel left out. When dock-able centrist chairs are released in early 2010, you can battle your friends from all points on the political spectrum for arm-rest hegemony.

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Anonymous said...

Almost practical. If you put the base a little further back, the balance of gravity would be less precarious for a person actually sitting in the chair.