Monday, September 14

Golden Shell - Wooden Sculpture

I recently stumbled across this 1994 sculpture by William Hunter in the Luce Foundation Center for American Art, and I think it's intriguing.

Here is my simulated rendition of the piece:
[about one hour of modeling time; 2 minutes, 7 seconds to render on a netbook at 800x800]

Technical details!
I created a UV-sphere with 64 rings and 64 segments, rotated the upper pole about the z-axis with smooth proportional editing fall-off so the grooves are spiral-ish, selected every other longitudinal edge loop and scaled them along the x and y axes, chopped out an upper edge loop, skinned the resulting mesh, smoothed the internal surface, and rendered with a simple three-point lighting set-up and approximated ambient occlusion in the Blender internal renderer.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. You've captured the essence of the geometry with the minimum of mathematical functions. Your ability to recognize those functions in 3D space is very special.