Monday, February 22

Bouncy Coffee Table RELOADED

It's COME BACK for another startlingly action-packed tour of duty, it's back from its months-long hiatus, and it's back more keenly socially perceptive than ever. . . IT'S THE PERPETUALLY LOPSIDED COFFEE TABLE that's not actually a coffee table but just a set millions of arbitrary magnetic orientations on my hard-disk representing bits of data representing the locations in three-space of each vertex in a mesh but which for your comprehension has now been rendered by a photonic simulator into a similarly digital image represented by a matrix of colored dots on the glowing rectangle through which you channel your consciousness all day--all just to trick you into seeing a picture of something that doesn't really exist!

Now that you've been reminded/enlightened of the unreality of your socio-cultural universe, break through that pale facsimile of the real by deconstructing it to the perpetual exclusion of the real, exposing the simulation as the construct it truly is! If you read all the way to the end of this intolerably inside joke, let me know by clicking "Interesting" below. . .


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